Monday, August 13, 2012

Catch Up!

As much as I L.O.V.E vacation time and being away from home, there is something about coming home that is so comforting! Nick and I had a great time at the beach eating enough steamed shrimp and crab legs to satisfy me until our next trip! Then a wonderful family wedding in upstate New York. It was gorgeous and it is always fun to be with family! Now it's time to catch up!

First Up..TpT Sale!

Since I was flying and away from a computer/internet/etc. I missed one day of the major TpT sale. Well mine is up and running for the ENTIRE week to make up for lost time! You can only use the TpT code to get 28% off today but I will be having a 20% off sale all week! It's my last week of summer so I'm feeling generous!

Over at Blog Hoppin' you can check out the rest of the major sales going on. As soon as I finish posting, I'm going on a shopping spree! I can't wait to grab some great goodies from some of my favorite teacher-authors! Thanks to Amy Lemons for an adorable little sale sign!

Here are some great Back to School products you can grab in my store!

Start a mentoring program with your classroom!

First Grade Family Economy! Great for teaching first grade economics!

The Handwriting Zoo helps students learn the correct letter formation!

Personal Spelling Dictionaries for students to keep all their important words!

Next up...Classroom Progress!

Here's a few pictures to share what I have been working on! I will finish up this week and show you more pictures as I finish up!

Now some projects I've been working on...

App Worthy behavior was inspired by all the cute "Brownie Points" I've seen on Pinterest. Since we are doing a technology theme in my school I have adapted it to make different apps. I created different apps with positive sayings like "Great Job!" or "Awesome!" Each time my class receives a compliment, does something correctly the first time, etc. they will earn an app. After we fill up the cookie sheet (iPad if you will...) they class will earn a reward. You can pick it up here at my TpT store!

I finished my birthday board that was inspired by Erica Bohrer's birthday bulletin board! I created these labels and threw them up on a hideous cabinet. They are just waiting for my sweet little nuggets faces to brighten it up! You can also grab these from my TpT store!


We all HAVING leveled books in our classroom libraries but who really likes to actually level them!?! (Ok, maybe I do a little bit because then I read them all and find some old favorites or discover new ones!)

Well maybe a year or two ago I found this great site from Scholastic. It's a Scholastic Book Wizard! All you have to do is type in the title and BOOM! you have Guided Reading Level, DRA Level, Lexile Level, etc.

So, after you finish shopping, go on over to Scholastic and finish leveling your books! That's what Rudy and I will be doing all afternoon! 

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Currently and Back to School Freebie Friday!

It's that time of the month again. Thanks Farley! As much as I want to rewind to July, or even's time to get it together because the nuggets are coming so soon!! =) 

I love to read a Ron Clark book each year before the new school year begins. He pumps me up like no other! I LOVE my job but he just puts it over the edge and gets me so excited to help mold some new minds and make a difference for our sweet little ones that will grace our presence for the next 180 days!

So I only had the past two days to put together an entire classroom. August 1st was the first day we could get into our rooms (it was really the 6th but I had a MAJOR panic attack and they felt sorry for me so they let me in early!) Nick and I have had a beach week planned for just the two of us (we realized we have NEVER just taken a vacay by ourselves, we are always accompanied by family and/or friends) and then this weekend we fly up to New York for a family wedding. Needless to say these trips have been planned before I moved schools. Worst timing EVER. I didn't think I would have to wait so long to get into my room. So I headed in at 7:30 Wednesday and finally called it quits when I was kicked out around 5. Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday. I even packed lunches for those days so I could keep working. I have these great before/after shots that I wanted to show you wonderful camera is locked inside my new classroom. Seriously? I would leave it. No vacay pics either. To make you feel even more sorry for me, I dropped my iPhone and shattered the glass. I went to the Apple Store today and since it's Tax Free weekend they are not doing replacements. So no camera or phone for the next week. Actually it may be nice to be without a phone! Spend some quality time with the BF!

With open house coming up, I wanted to share with you some resources I have put together. (Shout out to Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade for such great ideas!) These are the info papers I will give to parents at our Open House. I used to give an entire handbook (think college syllabus) but I'm pretty sure that got tossed in the trash as soon as it got home (if it made it there). I condensed into the most important things that parents want to know and need to know. Click here to download them in GoogleDocs. (Graphics are from the one and only Scrappin' Doodles.)

Thanks to Kristen at A Teeny, Tiny Teacher for this awesome behavior management plan!

Ok, the BF says it is TIME! I'm just praying I can RELAX and not think about the million and one things I will have to do next week...

Happy Friday!!!