Friday, September 6, 2013

5 for FRIDAY!

I think every person I passed in the hallway today looked at me and said "TGIF!!"  I'm not sure about you, but I really think that four day weeks that begin on Tuesday take more energy out of me than a regular week! I think I try and cram 5 days worth of activities into 4!

Well in this crazy, FUN short week, my little nuggets managed to get so much accomplished!

{one} Daily 5: Read to Self

It's no secret that I'm a huge proponent of Daily 5. I began using it 2 years ago and haven't looked back since. I love this part of Daily 5 because I..I mean the KIDS...get such a rush out of trying to build their stamina and seeing how far they get each day! After only 9 days, I'm proud to say that my little first grade nuggets are up to 15 minutes!!!! I have been extra picky this year and can't wait to see what great readers my babes become!

{two} Math Tubs

I am obsessed with my math block this year. We have an hour and a half, first thing in the morning for math workshop! I finally feel like I have my act together in this area! I start everyday with Everyday Calendar Math and then a little whole group mini lesson! Then we have time for math tubs and small group! We started using Reagan's Back to School Math Centers and my kids were instantly engaged. I really think what made the difference this year with math tubs was that I have approached it like Daily 5. We are building our math stamina. We also have reviewed each day what "math talk" is and how to work with a partner. In small groups, we worked activities from Anna's Common Core Numbers to 120 unit! The kids loved all the hands on work!

{three} Window Markers

As I was "just checking" the school supply section of Wal-Mart, I noticed some Crayola Window Markers. I fondly remembered my own first grade classroom with Mrs. Bennett when she let us paint and decorate the windows for every holiday. I decided that since I had such fond memories that have lasted 20 years, I'm sure my kids would love to do something similiar. Since we were practicing popcorn words and my kids were getting bored with chanting them, sky writing, etc. I knew that window writing was the way to go! I only have one small window but that didn't matter. This kept their attention for a solid 20 minutes. They were just DYING to get picked!

Our instructional coach thought this was the neatest thing and comes in every once in awhile to leave them a little note on the window! ;)

{four} C-L-E-M-S-O-N

I am a Clemson grad (I think it's finally time to stop saying..."recent Clemson grad") and love everything orange and purple. This year I get to work with an amazing group of teachers, some of whom happen to be fellow tigers! Sweet Emily, a first year teacher, just graduated from Clemson. I officially feel old now that I am someone else's mentor...Lord help her!!! :)

{five} MY CLASS

Yall...I am IN LOVE with my class. I have loved every class and every student that has ever graced my presence but there is just something about these little ones that melts my heart...everyday. I thought it was just the "honeymoon" period...but that phase has passed and I'm still convinced I have the greatest class on the planet. Now..they are NOT perfect by any means but they are sweet, kind, loving, respectful and so eager to learn! Ahh...I just love their innocence! Did I mention they are HILARIOUS. I mean I crack up multiple times a day. I've started to write down their funny expressions, stories, etc. One of my sweet little ones decided to give us a little TMI the other day. We were discussing Super Heroes and he raised his hand to share this little tidbit...

"Miss Lane, my favorite super hero is Batman! I EVEN have Batman on my UNDERWEAR!!!"

I've been so busy enjoying these babes that I haven't even had time for a group pic. Hopefully we will fit that in next week between Fountas & Pinnell Benchmarks, Curriculum Night, their very first math test, and LIFE!

I will be back sometime tomorrow with a little ditty about my new fave pencil sharpener and another giveaway!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

How much time do you spend in your classroom? If you are anything like me {and I have a feeling you are} you spend more time at school than home. So it has to be cute, colorful, inviting, etc! Our principal (typical man) doesn't get why we spend all this time decorating our rooms. He said, "When I taught I only had ONE poster in my don't need all this!!" Well, I think we do! =)  Besides, the kids feel more comfortable and safe in a warm and fuzzy environment that fosters learning and creativity!

My walls are pretty bare. I don't like to put things up without doing it with the kids first. That way they have a connection to almost everything in our classroom. Alright it is. Miss Lane's classroom for 2013-2014!! {Excuse the pictures...all I had was my iPhone today!}

Don't yall just LOVE my rug? I do! My old team mate {and one of my best teacher friends} had this same exact rug in her room and I was all sorts of jealous. I loved how each child had their own "spot." Well, when I moved schools, I found out that I wasn't getting a rug so I did a Donor's Choose project and that rug was ours within a week! The square baskets on the tables will be the "iPad Safe Zones."

L.O.V.E a table skirt. That same teaching buddy of mine gave me this idea. She had one in her classroom and I loved how neat it made the classroom look! Well, my thirfty mom found an inexpensive way to do this. We used a flat sheet from Wal Mart. Now, it had to be cut in half and put back together buck for 10 bucks it was worth every penny! {Thank God for moms!!}

Last year, I used a small student desk for my computer. Well with the iPad {connected to the Promethean Board} and computer and phone and everything else I need every minute, I had that wonderfully handy fiance of mine whip up this table for me. I think every handy man needs to marry a teacher. I love him for many reasons but his handiness is just the tip of the iceberg my friends!

TERRIBLE pic I know but this is where my FLASH bulletin board will house student pictures when they master their sight words. You can check out my editable packet here. It's full of flashcards, activities, assessments, and an editable file so you can make it work with your students word lists!

Word Wall!! I love how my word wall turned out this year! Mom and I just couldn't hang another piece of butcher paper so I remembered I had seen this ribbon idea floating all around! It will be perfect to hand weekly word wall words on {no more tape and hot glue} with just a paper clip! Under my word wall is my leveled library. You can grab those labels for FREE 99 here!

 Daily 5 bulletin board will house all the anchor charts we will make this year!

Full view of the classroom library! I have finally organized it by level and by genre! It only took 4 years....

Above the green polka dot paper on the cubbies I will have the students names {when I find them out}! I print out each of their names in a big, bubbly font for them to decorate on the first day of school. Then I hang it to give them their own personal space. Hey see that printer...anyone want it?!?! Seriously, I'm GIVING it away. No one at school will take it. I promise, nothing is wrong with it, it's just a little old!

Once I have my first "Star of the Week," they will put their pictures and poster up here. You can read ALL about my Star of the Week here or purchase the unit on TPT here! Don't you just love my transportation display. Miss Nelson is the greatest, huh?!? Notice my classroom jobs?!? They now come in an EDITABLE version so you can add in whatever your little teacher heart desires!

 I'm not going to give away too much yet, since I'm saving up behavior management for later in the week. But heres a peek at what a little APP Worthy behavior looks like. You can check out the clip chart here or the positive reinforcement class incentive here!

Here is my writing area. Students can sit down and write their little hearts out! This center will be full of supplies and anchor charts once we get into our grove!

Here is where all the math magic happens. I L.O.V.E math tubs and so do the nuggets! This is where they get all their materials. This will also house my calendar math, math word wall words and any anchor charts we create for math!

I hope you all enjoyed getting a PEAK into my ALMOST finished classroom. Tomorrow is our first day back with inservice...I'm off to soak up my last few minutes of summer vacay! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

WINNERS & Let's Talk About Me

First, I want to announce the winner's from my 100 Follower/Back to School Giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered and a BIG thank you to all those followers! {Winners should be receiving their e-mail sometime tonight!}

I am so excited to participate in Teacher Week '13! I am so excited for this school year and can't wait to meet my new kiddos. But for is everything {and more} that you could know about this crazy teacher!

Nick and I are getting married June 21, 2014. I simply CAN NOT wait! We have so much to do before then, but we are so excited for our special day. It's going to be a day filled with fun, laughs and lots of DANCING! Nick and I met through mutual friends a few years ago on the now infamous "Ski Trip." After the ski trip he invited me to play trivia with all of our friends at Mellow Mushroom. From then on we were attached at the hip. He is so patient, kind and laid back! The complete opposite of me...minus the kind part! ;)

I L.O.V.E to travel and see different cities! Last year we went to NYC with our very best friends and had the best time! This year we went to Asheville where we got engaged at the Biltmore House! Next year, NASHVILLE for my bachelorette party! WHOOO!!!

Kids are funny! My friends are funny! My family is hilarious and Nick always makes me laugh! I can't stay in a bad mood long before something makes me giggle. My fifth grade teacher used to describe the student of the week and we all had to guess. He said one clue, "this student giggles ALL the time!" My fifth grade friends knew right away that it was me!

I am NOT a dog person. In fact, I swore up and down that I hated dogs/cats/animals. Well...Nick convinced me last year that we needed a puppy. I fell in LOVE. Rudy is the greatest snuggle buddy and walking partner ever. He is spoiled rotten and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Seriously. My family is FUN. They are always on the go and up for anything! Whether it's a laid back beach weekend at home or a family road trip to NY, somehow it always ends up comical! My friends are obsessed with visiting my parents in Hilton Head for our annual friends beach trip. They are convinced that "Annie and Big Lane" throw the best party around!

I have traveled to Italy in high school and then again right after college. My mom, Lindsay and I loved wandering around Italy and Greece eating, shopping and trying every glass of wine that was offered our way!

I graduated from Clemson with my undergrad and masters degree. Then I went back for a third time for my early childhood certification. Needless to say, Saturdays in the fall I spend my days in Death Valley with my best friends cheering on our Tigers! Thankfully, Nick is a Clemson grad, too! ;)

When Nick and I get married I will "officially" be Aunt Sarah! I couldn't be more excited. These two boys are the most fun, most hilarious and sweetest little nuggets on the planet! Not to mention, they will be the cutest little ring bearers EVER!

When I switched schools last year, I found out that my classroom was going to be a 1:1 iPad classroom! It has really enhanced my teaching and more importantly, student learning! Last year was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to learn and grow with my new babes this year!

These are *most* of my cousins. When I say cousins, I mean they are my first and second {and the little nugget is a third} cousin. We are all very close and still get together at least once a year for Christmas. My {first} cousins and I grew up more like brother and sisters, and I talk to my aunts and uncles just about as much as my parents! Needless to say, for our wedding guest list our family takes up about 75 people! :) 

Well, that's everything and more you could ever want {or need} to know about me! Don't forget to link up at Blog Hoppin' and tell us all about you!

Monday, August 5, 2013

100 FOLLOWERS & Back to School GIVEAWAY

I know 100 doesn't seem like much, but hey, any excuse to celebrate and win some FREE prizes! I don't know about you but I've become a TPT hoarder. I buy every unit. My purchase page is ridiculous. {If only Nick new our PayPal account info...he would have a cow!}

So I have asked some of my all time FAVORITE bloggers to help me put together this giveaway to treat you for being so sweet! Check out all the awesome prizes you can win from these amazing teachers!

So here is the deal. Check out the prizes. See which ones are your fave {or maybe all?!?} and enter the rafflecopters. The giveaway will be up until Friday {my last FRIDAY OF FREEDOM!!} and I will be back Saturday to announce all the lucky winners.

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ENTER AWAY! You know you want some of these wonderful back to school goodies to stock up!! Check back Saturday for the WINNERS! =)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord & A Little Giveaway

Happy Sunday, friends! I can't believe that I go back to work so soon! This has been a week from...well...somewhere not fun. I have so many random things to share that I thought it would be perfect to link up with Michelle for her Sunday Smorgasbord!

Long Range Plans

WHOOP! I have finally finished this tedious project! I hate doing it every summer but I am so grateful {and my first grade teamies are too!} during the school year during our planning meetings. This makes it SO much easier to look at, all nice and neat and colored coded! {OCD?!?} I started using this format last year when I saw Amanda's post. I loved her layout and it just so happens that we worked in the same district, so I stole used a similar format and never looked back! If you click on them {nosy rosy} it will take you to the google drive file. It's not editable but if you are looking for some ideas. The only thing that may be different is the monthly iProject. These are some fun rigorous projects that we have cooked up for our little 1:1 firsties. I *plan* on dedicating an entire post about explaining our iProjects!

TONSILECTEMY= #weddingdiet

After YEARS and multiple cases of strep {and even a bout of "strep rash"} throat later, my ENT finally decided to cut these bad boys out. I know I will be so happy when it's Februrary and I haven't had a sore throat but I'm on day 5 and I still can't eat, yell talk and have zero energy. Begging my friends earlier today, I texted and asked if they could break me out of the house (the fiance won't let me drive) and they said, "Sure, we'll pick you up and you can sit with us at lunch." Seriously? These are my friends? That's like putting me in a giant shopping mall with a million bucks and saying, "Have fun but you can't spend a dime." They made up for that by bringing me LOTS of celeb gossip mags and Italian Ice.

Nick has been my male nurse {we nicknamed him "the murse"} and boy have I been a great patient...NOT. I have had complications with pain meds, grouchiness from the HUNGER. Y'all. I. am. starving! We are calling this my #weddingdiet. I seriously can't wait to take down some ribs and/or a giant NY strip.

However, right before the surgery, whatever the put in my IV was something...I was ridiculous. I started playing hide-and-go-see with my mom {who was on FaceTime} and then after the surgery I said some choice words to the nurse. Thankfully they knew I was loopy and Nick assured me they were laughing hysterically when I explained how much I loved Flinstone Push-Ups. {Seriously, they're awesome!}

Flowers from the greatest future-in-laws! :)

With all this boring bed rest, I have finally been able to finish my sight word unit! This baby has been in the works for quite some time. I love giving students a purpose and giving them a little competitive edge! The boys THRIVE on competition! So to go along with our reading and math competitions, this year we are having a sight word one, too! The only thing the kiddos love more than competitions, is...themselves! So, when they master a word list, their pic will go up on the "FLASH" board for everyone to see. This unit is on sale for this weekend in my little TPT shop, so go check it out! Oh! The best is EDITABLE! YEP! So you can use this for whatever words your kiddos NEED. I use Fry's first 100 to start me out and then I adjust individual students lists depending on their guided reading observations/running records/writing conferences.


I saved the best for last. I have reached 100 followers on this blog and TPT, so I have a pretty amazing giveaway planned. I can't win my own giveaway, right?!? =) Be sure to check it out tomorrow!


I know I'm late to the party....probably way past fashionably. But I have finally given in to facebook and Instagram. I love using Instagram with my friends but I never really considered it for teaching. Oh the possibilities. Especially now with a 1:1 classroom...I smell Instagram Scavenger Hunts! Eeek! I can't wait until school starts!

So click on each button to follow me! I promise to keep you entertained!

Thanks KG Fonts, The Teacher Wife & Melonheadz!

Have a wonderful, LAZY Summer Sunday.