Friday, September 6, 2013

5 for FRIDAY!

I think every person I passed in the hallway today looked at me and said "TGIF!!"  I'm not sure about you, but I really think that four day weeks that begin on Tuesday take more energy out of me than a regular week! I think I try and cram 5 days worth of activities into 4!

Well in this crazy, FUN short week, my little nuggets managed to get so much accomplished!

{one} Daily 5: Read to Self

It's no secret that I'm a huge proponent of Daily 5. I began using it 2 years ago and haven't looked back since. I love this part of Daily 5 because I..I mean the KIDS...get such a rush out of trying to build their stamina and seeing how far they get each day! After only 9 days, I'm proud to say that my little first grade nuggets are up to 15 minutes!!!! I have been extra picky this year and can't wait to see what great readers my babes become!

{two} Math Tubs

I am obsessed with my math block this year. We have an hour and a half, first thing in the morning for math workshop! I finally feel like I have my act together in this area! I start everyday with Everyday Calendar Math and then a little whole group mini lesson! Then we have time for math tubs and small group! We started using Reagan's Back to School Math Centers and my kids were instantly engaged. I really think what made the difference this year with math tubs was that I have approached it like Daily 5. We are building our math stamina. We also have reviewed each day what "math talk" is and how to work with a partner. In small groups, we worked activities from Anna's Common Core Numbers to 120 unit! The kids loved all the hands on work!

{three} Window Markers

As I was "just checking" the school supply section of Wal-Mart, I noticed some Crayola Window Markers. I fondly remembered my own first grade classroom with Mrs. Bennett when she let us paint and decorate the windows for every holiday. I decided that since I had such fond memories that have lasted 20 years, I'm sure my kids would love to do something similiar. Since we were practicing popcorn words and my kids were getting bored with chanting them, sky writing, etc. I knew that window writing was the way to go! I only have one small window but that didn't matter. This kept their attention for a solid 20 minutes. They were just DYING to get picked!

Our instructional coach thought this was the neatest thing and comes in every once in awhile to leave them a little note on the window! ;)

{four} C-L-E-M-S-O-N

I am a Clemson grad (I think it's finally time to stop saying..."recent Clemson grad") and love everything orange and purple. This year I get to work with an amazing group of teachers, some of whom happen to be fellow tigers! Sweet Emily, a first year teacher, just graduated from Clemson. I officially feel old now that I am someone else's mentor...Lord help her!!! :)

{five} MY CLASS

Yall...I am IN LOVE with my class. I have loved every class and every student that has ever graced my presence but there is just something about these little ones that melts my heart...everyday. I thought it was just the "honeymoon" period...but that phase has passed and I'm still convinced I have the greatest class on the planet. Now..they are NOT perfect by any means but they are sweet, kind, loving, respectful and so eager to learn! Ahh...I just love their innocence! Did I mention they are HILARIOUS. I mean I crack up multiple times a day. I've started to write down their funny expressions, stories, etc. One of my sweet little ones decided to give us a little TMI the other day. We were discussing Super Heroes and he raised his hand to share this little tidbit...

"Miss Lane, my favorite super hero is Batman! I EVEN have Batman on my UNDERWEAR!!!"

I've been so busy enjoying these babes that I haven't even had time for a group pic. Hopefully we will fit that in next week between Fountas & Pinnell Benchmarks, Curriculum Night, their very first math test, and LIFE!

I will be back sometime tomorrow with a little ditty about my new fave pencil sharpener and another giveaway!



  1. Aw... I love that you love your class! I had that experience last year AND in student teaching! This year I don't have my own classroom. I have been super blessed with easy to love little ones last year and the year before, I hope for more of that in the future! Thanks for sharing your five!

  2. Just found your blog through Five for Friday... love the classroom pictures. All your kiddos look organized and on task! Your window writing is a great idea. I'm headed over to Walmart tonight!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    Granny Goes to School

  3. I love your window writing idea! The windows in my room are really high up - but I almost want to let them stand on chairs just to do it! LOL!

  4. Saw your link on Five for Friday. Following! Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids

  5. Hi Sarah,
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