Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

How much time do you spend in your classroom? If you are anything like me {and I have a feeling you are} you spend more time at school than home. So it has to be cute, colorful, inviting, etc! Our principal (typical man) doesn't get why we spend all this time decorating our rooms. He said, "When I taught I only had ONE poster in my room...you don't need all this!!" Well, I think we do! =)  Besides, the kids feel more comfortable and safe in a warm and fuzzy environment that fosters learning and creativity!

My walls are pretty bare. I don't like to put things up without doing it with the kids first. That way they have a connection to almost everything in our classroom. Alright kids...here it is. Miss Lane's classroom for 2013-2014!! {Excuse the pictures...all I had was my iPhone today!}

Don't yall just LOVE my rug? I do! My old team mate {and one of my best teacher friends} had this same exact rug in her room and I was all sorts of jealous. I loved how each child had their own "spot." Well, when I moved schools, I found out that I wasn't getting a rug so I did a Donor's Choose project and that rug was ours within a week! The square baskets on the tables will be the "iPad Safe Zones."

L.O.V.E a table skirt. That same teaching buddy of mine gave me this idea. She had one in her classroom and I loved how neat it made the classroom look! Well, my thirfty mom found an inexpensive way to do this. We used a flat sheet from Wal Mart. Now, it had to be cut in half and put back together buck for 10 bucks it was worth every penny! {Thank God for moms!!}

Last year, I used a small student desk for my computer. Well with the iPad {connected to the Promethean Board} and computer and phone and everything else I need every minute, I had that wonderfully handy fiance of mine whip up this table for me. I think every handy man needs to marry a teacher. I love him for many reasons but his handiness is just the tip of the iceberg my friends!

TERRIBLE pic I know but this is where my FLASH bulletin board will house student pictures when they master their sight words. You can check out my editable packet here. It's full of flashcards, activities, assessments, and an editable file so you can make it work with your students word lists!

Word Wall!! I love how my word wall turned out this year! Mom and I just couldn't hang another piece of butcher paper so I remembered I had seen this ribbon idea floating all around! It will be perfect to hand weekly word wall words on {no more tape and hot glue} with just a paper clip! Under my word wall is my leveled library. You can grab those labels for FREE 99 here!

 Daily 5 bulletin board will house all the anchor charts we will make this year!

Full view of the classroom library! I have finally organized it by level and by genre! It only took 4 years....

Above the green polka dot paper on the cubbies I will have the students names {when I find them out}! I print out each of their names in a big, bubbly font for them to decorate on the first day of school. Then I hang it to give them their own personal space. Hey see that printer...anyone want it?!?! Seriously, I'm GIVING it away. No one at school will take it. I promise, nothing is wrong with it, it's just a little old!

Once I have my first "Star of the Week," they will put their pictures and poster up here. You can read ALL about my Star of the Week here or purchase the unit on TPT here! Don't you just love my transportation display. Miss Nelson is the greatest, huh?!? Notice my classroom jobs?!? They now come in an EDITABLE version so you can add in whatever your little teacher heart desires!

 I'm not going to give away too much yet, since I'm saving up behavior management for later in the week. But heres a peek at what a little APP Worthy behavior looks like. You can check out the clip chart here or the positive reinforcement class incentive here!

Here is my writing area. Students can sit down and write their little hearts out! This center will be full of supplies and anchor charts once we get into our grove!

Here is where all the math magic happens. I L.O.V.E math tubs and so do the nuggets! This is where they get all their materials. This will also house my calendar math, math word wall words and any anchor charts we create for math!

I hope you all enjoyed getting a PEAK into my ALMOST finished classroom. Tomorrow is our first day back with inservice...I'm off to soak up my last few minutes of summer vacay! 


  1. I really like your floating word wall, I've never seen that before. Love your color scheme! Thanks for sharing your adorable room.

    Snazzy in Second

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