Sunday, July 15, 2012

Star Student, eBooks and My First Linky Party

Hello Friends! I am finally back from a LONG hiatus from blogging! This has been a crazy few weeks that included a mini-vaca to the beach (soo fun!) and some trips to visit the sweet little girl I nanny for in the hospital (she's ok now, thank goodness!) and keeping her sisters while the parents spent countless hours in the Children's hospital. Needless to say, they have taken up much of my time that I was more than happy and willing to give them!

However, I'm back and FULL of ideas, new resources, and some new anxieties! Does anyone else get really anxious at this point in July... too much to do, too much to think, not too much time left! Time to get crackin'! Ok, here goes my randomness of ideas from the past few weeks!

Star of the Week Unit
The past few years I have used a "Camper of the Week" for my student of the week. Well, this year, that won't work! So, I changed everything to just "Star of the Week!" I figured this would be the most generic and easiest to use so I won't have to change it each time I change themes. (One of my new mottos's: Work Smarter, Not Harder!)

I have finally added Star of the Week to my TpT store! You can pick it up there to jazz up your "Star of the Week!" It has different certificates, signs and parent letters to choose from! I have even added some black & white choices since I will be on a tight color printing budget this year!

I have new love...Teacher's Notebook! I know, I know, I've been living under a ROCK! I have added tis unit to my Teacher's Notebook store. I am working today to add some more items to the store for you to check out! 


I went to this awesome training on eBooks the other morning! I want to share some amazing FREE resources that I learned about in this class. Before you read this, everyone has feelings about eBooks. I think that eBooks are a great resource to use in the classroom, especially for read alouds (now everyone can see if it's project on the interactive white board!) but NOTHING can ever replace an actual book! eBooks are just another way to engaging and immersing students in literature! 

This awesome site features your FAVORITE read alouds by some awesome celebs, including BETTY WHITE! (Takes me back to watching Golden Girls with my Grandma! :)) These books open in You Tube and you can play for your students. 

This AMAZING blog give you the daily deals for eBooks for your Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc! Sign up for the daily e-mail or facebook message to find bargains (and free) books for you and your kiddos. 
*They had different blogs for each level (adult, children) and the children's blog is broken down into age groups! 

This is my new favorite site! This is brought to you from Pearson Publishers. On this site, you can download and read the book on your computer or tablet. This site has different literacy campaigns and for each book you read, Pearson will donate to the campaign of your choice! This is a great way to promote giving back and literacy all in one! I smell a service project for my little nuggets. I'm thinking this year we will create a weekly/monthly goal of books to read and donate! 

These books have been scanned by volunteers for Project Gutenburg. These are thousands of books that are available for FREE! 

Linky Party

With all these wonderful eBook resources out there, it made me wonder (this is dangerous!) what other eBook resources are out there! With the popularity of interactive white boards and tablets in the classroom, I want to know how you use eBooks in your classroom and where you download them from! So I am joining the linky party craze at The Ultimate Linky Party hosted by Teaching Blog Addict and hosting my own PAR-TAY! Join in on the eBook fun!



  1. Sarah- I just found your blog through TBA and I am your newest follower. When I clicked on your TpT link, I realized we are both GCSD teachers. So nice to come across another teacher-blogger from SC, let alone Greenville! I went to an eBook session at SA last week, wonder if we were in the same class!! I am about to reach 100 followers and will be having a HUGE giveaway when that happens (hopefully today!). Drop on by my blog and take a look...

    Tales from a 4th (and 5th) Grade Teacher

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