Monday, July 2, 2012

Winner Winner! Currently and An Award!

Wow, a lot happened this weekend! I am at home in Hilton Head for the week with my family (How lucky am I to call Hilton Head "home"?!) And I've been enjoying some sun, R&R, and some delicious food. My parents sure know how to entertain...

Anywho...we had a power outage last night (thank you storms!) so I did not get to post my giveway winner!  .

KELLEY DOLLING is from Teaching Idea Factory. She won all the technology themed items (jobs, labels, etc) that I will be using in my "Wired for Success" classroom next year! Go visit her blog today!

I'm linking up with Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for July's Currently.  I love the idea of a Currently because it gives you a quick sneak peak into our personal lives (and our brains)! I am loving this Fourth of July holiday week (minus the 5 1/2 hours I spent in the car on Saturday...ughhhhhhhh).


I got a wonderful and inspiring comment from Mrs. Flickinger from Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis the other night. After her thoughtful comment, she awarded me The Versatile Blog Award! Yippee! Thank you so much Tammy. She has a great new blog that you need to check out ASAP! 

So here are the rules:
1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you - Your rock, Tammy!
2.  Include a link to their site - Done!
3.  Include the award image in your post - Got it!
4.  Give 7 random facts about yourself - fine :)
5.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award
6.  When nominating, include a link to their site - Check!
7.  Let other bloggers know they've been nominated  Got it!
Seven Random Facts about this Tammy.
1. I moved to Hilton Head from New York when I was 11 years old (14 years ago YESTERDAY!!!!!) Crazy how time flies! 
2.  I am a HUGE Clemson fan! GO TIGERS!!! 
3.  I am NOT a dog person but Nick convinced me we needed to get one...and I could not LOVE anything more than Rudy! 
4. It took me three times to pass my road test and when I'm with Nick or my friends, they NEVER let me drive (I'm horrible...)
5. I love to change and redecorate all the time. (Notice the change in blog templates...)
6. I Irish Step Danced (like Riverdance) for 11 years and my dream was to be a teacher and in Riverdance at the same time! (1 out of 2 isn't bad!!) 
7. I have been to Italy twice and would go back right now!

Now the Award Goes to....
I have had like 20 others that I wanted to pass on the award to but...they already received it! I will be sure to keep stalking look and continue to add to the list! 

Well, that's it for me today! I'm taking some time to enjoy doing NOTHING! Maybe there's a Housewives Marathon on! 


  1. Whoop . . . whoop . . . THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I just logged into Blogger and saw my little old name pop up on my "roll." I love this product and I am soooooo excited that I was a big winner today :) Thank you again Sarah.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  2. YAY Kelley!!! You're my fave :)

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥

  3. Hi! Just found your blog! I am envious, I bet living in Hilton Head must be fantastic! Congrats on your award! I love to watch the Riverdance!! How awesome that you can dance like that! I am now a follower and hope you will check out my blog when you get a chance.


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  4. Congrats on the award! And thank you for mine! That's so sweet!

    Primary Inspired

  5. Hilton Head! Wow! My brother lived there a few years ago, but I never had a chance to visit him. Congratulations on your award. I'm also your newest follower.

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