Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made It!

I finally have a few finished projects that I can share for Fourth Grade Frolics amazingly popular Monday Made Its!

Project #1: New Teacher Gifts

This year I am starting in a whole new school, with a whole new team. They have been very welcoming and helpful this summer as we prepare for a new year with new nuggets! (How many times can I say the word new?!?)

Well my old teammate gave me a great idea when my student teacher was leaving. I made her a clip board with scrapbook paper and ribbon! She LOVED it! I also gave her a bag FULL of "Teacher Essentials" to help get her through her first year teaching. Here is how I made the clip boards...

Step 1: Paint the clip board the color of your choice. (TIP: On the back only paint around the edges since it will be covered with scrapbook paper).

Step 2: Measure and cut scrapbook paper to fit on the back. I use two different pieces and then tie them together with a ribbon. (I used cute little puppy paws because our mascot is the bulldog).

Step 3: Mod Podge the paper down. Let it dry. Mod Podge over the top to leave a nice finish!

Step 4: Measure and glue ribbon to tie the two papers together to give it a finished look! VOILA! You have some cute clip boards!

The colored frames with the sayings are my favorite and I may even make some for my own room if I have time! All I did was buy some wooden frames from the Dollar Store (they should name it The Teachers Second Home Away From Home! First is our classrooms!!!) and then I painted them coordinating colors with some acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby. (They just had some on sale so I stocked up!!) Then I printed off the cute signs from Technology Rocks. Seriously. and put them in the frames!

Now I have some cute (cheap!) gifts to give my new teammates!

Project #2: Teacher Toolbox

I have seen these ALL over Pinterest. I believe the original one came from Create. Teach. Share. (Awesome blog name BTW!) Then I checked out the toolbox that Reagan made over at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. She gave me the idea to get my toolbox from Garden Ridge and spray paint it white. Well I did just that! Then I created some labels based on the measurements and thought about what I need in my own toolbox!

Can't you tell I LOVE color and polka dots? 

Close Up!
This is going to be great since I don't have a "teacher desk!"You can grab the labels I used here!  I usually just throw stuff in my Sterrilite drawer! Which you can see how I gave that a Mod Podge/Scrapbook paper makeover here!

Project #3: Labels for Guided Reading Baskets

So I posted some labels awhile back but I have since changed my mind! (Which happens a zillion times a day!) The old ones were super cute but would be a PAIN in the you know what to cut out. I do not have the steadiest hand so I prefer cutting on a straight line! ha! So I used some cute digital scrapbook paper I found on Etsy from EssentiallySCRAPPIN' (she has the cutest designs) and some frames from Fancy Dog Studio and then added my font from the one and only Kevin and Amanda and POOF these appeared!

 I cut them out, glued them on some scrapbook paper (the pack was 50% off a Hobby Lobby whoop!) and used my brand spankin' new laminator and made some sweet labels! You can grab the chevron labels here! Now I just need to find some baskets! Big Lots has been SOLD OUT of the ones I am dying for!

OK, time to stalk some Pinterest and Monday Made Its for new projects! Happy Monday!! 


  1. Love your toolbox! I'm trying to decide if I really *need* one...hee hee. :) Thanks for the cute labels!

  2. I have the same signs framed in my classroom! I found them on Pinterest a long time ago. As I entered the blogging world this summer, I was pleased to find tecnology rocks. seriously.'s blog since she actually created them!

    Grade Three is the Place for Me

  3. WOW girl! You have been busy! Everything looks awesome. =)

    Heather's Heart

  4. Love, love, love, the framed quotations! How colorful and inspiring! Looking forward to sharing more ideas!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  5. You're very creative! I loved all of your projects! Plus, you're blog is so awesome, I just had to nominated you for an award. Hop on over to my blog and check it out!


    First Grade Fascination

  6. Love your toolbox! Thank you for the labels! :)
    Crayons and Curls

    1. Hi I just found your cute guided reading labels, how do I download them? Sorry to be so challenged! They are just what I am looking for!

      Mary Candland