Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday (Thursday Edition)

I know it's not Friday, yet but we have our yearly friends camping trip this weekend so I will be stuck in the woods all weekend! I am NOT a good camper and the last two camping trips we've gone on have been needless to say I am pretending to be excited for Nick's sake. It will be Rudy's first camping trip so that will make for some fun times in the wilderness! (Just pray for no rain!)

 I have had a few extra minutes to run some Target and used book store errands and could not be more excited about my finding! I am loving the linky party going on over at Fun in Room 4B!

Some more Dollar Spot pocket charts! I've stocked up on these for years! They are perfect for small group tasks, adding content vocabulary, putting up the daily schedule, etc. I was so excited to see purple this year!

Foam Clocks! I love these! They are perfect for centers and small group work! These will definitely come in handy when teaching time this year!

The MICROPHONE! I love microphones...if I could sing, I would have been famous. I am notorious for some karaoke singing (sorry!) and sometime I swear I think I'm on stage in front of my kids! I was so excited to find this echo-phone in the kids party section at Target! It will make answering questions, sharing aloud, and sining songs SOOO much more fun!

The colored trays! They are so useful and I love the different colors!  

USED BOOKS STORE! On of my best teaching buds told me about this great used bookstore near my house! In the 2 years I've lives here, I had never been before! Well that all changed the other day. I spent a total of $30 and got all these amazing books! I was most excited about the full color edition of Charlotte's Web!!! 

 Fern and Wilbur are so precious!!!!!

The First Dog! So cute and what a fun way to discuss the White House during election time this year! (Even Nick LOVED it and I'm pretty sure he hasn't read a book since high school!) The First Dog travels all around the country and it's a great way to expose the kids to different countries and breeds of dogs! We all know how much all the kiddos LOVE puppies! 

 Just in time for the Olympics!

All these Junie B. books and Magic Tree House books were either $1.50 or $2.00. WHAT.A.DEAL!!!!!! 

Did I mention they also gave me a 10% discount for being a teacher! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

The nuggets I nanny will be starting kindergarten at "The Big School" so I bought them "The Night Before the Big School." So precious! most fabulous find this summer has to be the one and only RUDY!! As much as I complain about his "accidents," (he is getting SOOO much better!!!) and his nipping he has been such a joy for us this summer! Nick and I couldn't picture our lives without him!!!

Aren't they so cute!?! 

Well those are all my fabulous finds for today! Wish me luck in the woods!! I'm gonna need it! 


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