Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord & A Little Giveaway

Happy Sunday, friends! I can't believe that I go back to work so soon! This has been a week from...well...somewhere not fun. I have so many random things to share that I thought it would be perfect to link up with Michelle for her Sunday Smorgasbord!

Long Range Plans

WHOOP! I have finally finished this tedious project! I hate doing it every summer but I am so grateful {and my first grade teamies are too!} during the school year during our planning meetings. This makes it SO much easier to look at, all nice and neat and colored coded! {OCD?!?} I started using this format last year when I saw Amanda's post. I loved her layout and it just so happens that we worked in the same district, so I stole used a similar format and never looked back! If you click on them {nosy rosy} it will take you to the google drive file. It's not editable but if you are looking for some ideas. The only thing that may be different is the monthly iProject. These are some fun rigorous projects that we have cooked up for our little 1:1 firsties. I *plan* on dedicating an entire post about explaining our iProjects!

TONSILECTEMY= #weddingdiet

After YEARS and multiple cases of strep {and even a bout of "strep rash"} throat later, my ENT finally decided to cut these bad boys out. I know I will be so happy when it's Februrary and I haven't had a sore throat but I'm on day 5 and I still can't eat, yell talk and have zero energy. Begging my friends earlier today, I texted and asked if they could break me out of the house (the fiance won't let me drive) and they said, "Sure, we'll pick you up and you can sit with us at lunch." Seriously? These are my friends? That's like putting me in a giant shopping mall with a million bucks and saying, "Have fun but you can't spend a dime." They made up for that by bringing me LOTS of celeb gossip mags and Italian Ice.

Nick has been my male nurse {we nicknamed him "the murse"} and boy have I been a great patient...NOT. I have had complications with pain meds, grouchiness from the HUNGER. Y'all. I. am. starving! We are calling this my #weddingdiet. I seriously can't wait to take down some ribs and/or a giant NY strip.

However, right before the surgery, whatever the put in my IV was something...I was ridiculous. I started playing hide-and-go-see with my mom {who was on FaceTime} and then after the surgery I said some choice words to the nurse. Thankfully they knew I was loopy and Nick assured me they were laughing hysterically when I explained how much I loved Flinstone Push-Ups. {Seriously, they're awesome!}

Flowers from the greatest future-in-laws! :)

With all this boring bed rest, I have finally been able to finish my sight word unit! This baby has been in the works for quite some time. I love giving students a purpose and giving them a little competitive edge! The boys THRIVE on competition! So to go along with our reading and math competitions, this year we are having a sight word one, too! The only thing the kiddos love more than competitions, is...themselves! So, when they master a word list, their pic will go up on the "FLASH" board for everyone to see. This unit is on sale for this weekend in my little TPT shop, so go check it out! Oh! The best is EDITABLE! YEP! So you can use this for whatever words your kiddos NEED. I use Fry's first 100 to start me out and then I adjust individual students lists depending on their guided reading observations/running records/writing conferences.


I saved the best for last. I have reached 100 followers on this blog and TPT, so I have a pretty amazing giveaway planned. I can't win my own giveaway, right?!? =) Be sure to check it out tomorrow!


I know I'm late to the party....probably way past fashionably. But I have finally given in to facebook and Instagram. I love using Instagram with my friends but I never really considered it for teaching. Oh the possibilities. Especially now with a 1:1 classroom...I smell Instagram Scavenger Hunts! Eeek! I can't wait until school starts!

So click on each button to follow me! I promise to keep you entertained!

Thanks KG Fonts, The Teacher Wife & Melonheadz!

Have a wonderful, LAZY Summer Sunday.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I just found your blog today and it looks amazing. I am starting to teach 1st grade again after a 12 year break in kindergarten. I love ipads too. I have five in my classroom this year. I plan to have my kids listen to stories on them for daily five as well. I can not wait to read more. Your sight word flash looks amazing.


    The Very Busy Classroom