Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello Blog World!

I have been stalking these teaching blogs for a LOOOONG time now and decided it's about time to join in on the fun. This is the first summer where I have had some "free time" so to fill in those few hours I have to myself, I'm going to join the teaching blog world! 

I have taught first grade for three years now and in August I will be starting at a brand new school! I am beyond excited. I have already met my new team mates and I could not be more inspired right now! This is a scary exciting time considering I have been at my previous school since I student-taught, so I'm nervous about learning an entire new school. However, everyone at my new schools seems wonderful and very helpful, so my nerves are put aside for now! (Until a few hours before open house!...) 

I have had a camping theme in my classroom since I started teaching but with a new school comes a new theme. Lucky for me I don't have to steal create a new theme because the school gives us one! This year the theme is...."Wired for Success!" Each teacher was given an amazing gift at the end of the iPad and all the kindergarten classrooms have class sets. AMAZINGGGG! So we are wired for success and ready to go! 

Well in celebration of the new blog and a whole new classroom I am putting up my guided reading book bin labels that I plan on using this year. Since our theme changes yearly, I am hoping these will last a few years....(atleast I'm telling myself that until December when I feel like changing them...again!) Click here to get the labels in GoogleDocs! (Sorry for any inconvenience! I'm still learning!! =)

You can get them from my TpT store now, too! 

Have a wonderful Thursday!!  

Teaching Together, 



  1. Super cute! Off to a great start on your blog! I'll check back often!

  2. love, love, love your labels!!!! But I can't seem to get them to download? Do you have a direct link to google docs.? Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you Rachael! I think I have uploaded them correctly in google docs! If not, let me know and I can try again!! Enjoy!