Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Currently

Happy Election Day! Is anyone else glued to the news like I am? We had the day off today and it was nice to have a random Tuesday off to be productive! I couldn't sleep in due to this awful cold I've been trying to kick so Nick and I perked up early and walked to the church up the street to cast our votes! Then I actually had time to fill out November's Currently with the one and only Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade! I love being "nosy rosy" (as I call my little nuggets) and reading about everyone else's exciting lives!

So I got an awesome coupon for buy 2 get 2 free Yankee Candles. I know they are crazzzy expensive but I just LOVE them so much. My new flavor is Autumn Wreath that is the perfect fall scent. I also stocked up on Peppermint flavor for our First Annual Christmas party and some others that are great just to have like Mandarin Cranberry!

I had a blast this weekend! It was full of some good old fashioned karaoke and watching my Tigers kick some Duke booty! I love a good Clemson win (plus it puts everyone in a MUCH better mood!!)

Hurricane Sandy did so much damage and one of my best friends grew up in New Jersey near the shore. Her house is ok, but the restaurant she grew up working in was destroyed. She had so many wonderful memories there and it's so sad to see the heartbreak for everyone in the northeast.

Well what I want is coming true! Nick and I are headed to the beach for a long, relaxing weekend. Our house has been what seems like a hotel on the weekends for our friends headed to the Clemon games and the week is filled with grad class, girl's nights, homework, and work! We are exhausted and need a weekend away to just catch up with each other before the craziness of the holidsays rolls in. We are hosting our first Thanksgiving at our house this year and I'm a bucket of nerves!

NEEDING to plan our holiday party! We are hosting our first annual Tacky Sweater Christmas Party! We even bought Rudy the cutest little ugly sweater. He HATES it but he looks so adorable in it! I'll have to post a pic later! I have found some great ideas on pinterest including some delicious cookies and beverages to make!

Finally, I'm a country music fanatic! The CMT's were great and I love live music. How cute was that little Hunter Hayes!

Time to get back to the election...I hope everyone could get out and vote today!


  1. Love Yankee candles as well. I was burning an autumn wreath last night when we had friends over...smells sooo good. I also love all the pumpkin scents and most of the Christmas scents.

    I'm your newest follower! Have to love currently and the exposure it gives our blogs! Check me out over at www.ifyougiveateacheratreat.blogspot.com


  2. I absolutely LOVE Autumn Wreath! It is my favorite candle. I love my country music as well! :)

    Enjoy your weekend away!


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