Sunday, March 24, 2013

Addition Rock Stars

My students were struggling (and I mean struggling) with their basic addition facts. It was to the point where I would ask a quick addition fact and I had 2 blurters and 17 blank faces. (Ya feel me?!?) I knew I had to do something to get them excited and get them motivated to learn their facts...and FAST! Hello, they can't go to 2nd grade not knowing their addition facts! YIKES!!! 

So, my kids (along with all Bieber lovin' kiddos) LOVE to sing, dance, and "shake it like Beyonce" as we say in our room. Not to mention, they all think they are the next big Rock they were my inspiration for this unit! I mean, why crush their dreams?!? If they want to be Rock Stars, I'm going to let them be! {Even if it is under false pretenses!!} 

Ever since we began Addition Rock Stars my students have been begging to practice their math facts (and to tell me how long they practiced them each night)!! Makes my heart smile! 

Here is how it all started. I knew that the ONLY way to get this to work was to get a buy in from the parental units. So, my AMAZING Title 1 Faciliator and I developed a Parent Workshop and invited all the parents and the kids in after school. (So I sent home a flyer with the title "FREE BOOKS AND FLASHCARDS!" Anything FREE brings them in...well that would bring anyone in!) At the workshop I gave them the hard DATA about addition, the importance of practicing facts each night and how addition is the foundation for all things math. It was basically the "BIRDS and the BEES about ADDITION." 

Parent buy in....check! 

Next up was the student buy in. I put the bulletin board up that is complete with inflatable guitars and microphones. "MISS LANE....WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!" They all begged. I told them that if they practiced their facts then I would put their picture up and they would be Rock Stars.

Student buy in....check! 

First week of the unit...Strep throat HITS our class and hard. I was out for an ENTIRE week. (Well I came to school on Wednesday but was sent to the nurse and sent home!) I had an average of 8 students out per day. YUCK. So we postponed. More time for them to learn the FACTS! 

Finally, the Level 1 Assessment Day was HERE. The kids were so excited. I prayed for NO TEARS. I prayed for 100's. I prayed that I would have enough buttons. I prayed that they practiced! Well, PTL because my prayers were answered!!!! I had 13 out of 19 pass the first level on the first try! WHOOOP! Those nuggets were so proud to wear their buttons and parade around school like ROCK STARS. 

The next week, I had 11 out of 16 pass the second level (we had a few sick nuggets that day). Now, EVERYONE'S picture is on the board. So, when they make a 100 after Level 1, they add a star with the date on it. I'm thinking parents will love to add this to their scrapbooks! 

Here are some pictures of my nuggets, I mean ROCK STARS in ACTION!

I put all of the resources I am using into one packet just for you! This is the perfect too to get your kiddos moving in the right direction! Inside this unit you will find everything you need to create your own addition rock stars! The unit is up and ready for you in my TpT shop and it's ON SALE for tonight and tomorrow! 

I really want to give away this unit, so enter below for a chance to win!! I will announce the winners on Wednesday!!!! 

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I hope everyone has a great Sunday. 4 MORE DAYS until SPRING BREAK!!!!!!


  1. Sarah, this looks great! We use Automaticity and it is definitely not this much fun. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. This looks so fun! We love the Rock Star theme! Congrats on the success your students have had!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies