Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Have QR Codes taken over your room? Since we became a 1:1 iPad classroom the students (and their teacher) have become obsessed with QR Codes. A QR Code is a "Quick Response" that you can generate using a QR Code generator online. The one I usually use is Kawya QR Code.On this site make sure you have clicked "STATIC" in the gray box.  A QR Code can be created using a website, YouTube Video or just plain text. You can do ANYTHING for a QR Code. Our technology coach even suggested using a "Joke of the Day" and they have to scan the QR Code for the punchline! Hilarious. My kids LOVE jokes. The kind of LOVE where they won't eat their lunch until we read their milk carton joke for the day.

I knew I needed to spruce up my Work on Words center. The kids were getting bored. I was getting bored observing them. Well last night the motivation struck! I finally figured out how to use QR Codes. I immediatley went to The School Supply Addict for some graphics and went to town creating my center. I hustled in to school early, printed, laminated and put together the center. The nuggets went crazy for it! The kind of crazy where they begged me for more so I did a compound word center, and a CVC center and now I'm working on contractions! It's a hot QR mess on my desktop right now!

Here are some pictures of the nuggets in action!

I am a very visual person and I need to see things in action. I figure you are like me, so here is a short clip of two of my sweeties working away!

 You don't have to be a 1:1 iPad classroom. This will work with iPads, iPhones, iTouches, iANYTHING, and Androids have the app too!

Well if you are interested, the new products are up and ready for you on TpT! The CVC Words, Compound Words and Blends and Digraphs are all finished! Contractions and long vowels are up next!

The CVC center was a team effort with one of my best teacher friends! It is the first of many to come! I think I have her addicted.... =)

I hope everyone has a happy humpday! (One more week until Spring Break!!!)