Monday, March 4, 2013

Student Data Collection & A Freebie!

Hello blogging world! I have been MIA since November! I have finally had some time to catch up (thanks to strep).
I wanted to share with you an idea that my amazing Title 1 Facilitator shared with me. She recently visited a school that was huge on DATA! With Common Core coming in full swing, students need to be more responsible for their learning.  The best way to do this is with Student Data Notebooks. I always struggled to find the most effective way to keep track of their data and I think I finally hit the jackpot! (FYI: My students have STRUGGLEDDDDD big time with analyzing data so my new unit will really help students grasp this important skill!!)

So here is how Super Star Student Data Collection will work in Miss Lane's room:

- At the end of each day, I have the last few minutes to wind down the day with our "Daily Data." This is where students graph their behavior, attendance, and Daily 5 choices.

- On Fridays we will have a larger time devoted to Data because on top of their Daily Data they will also graph their spelling test results, math fact test results, and complete their weekly reflections.

-Throughout the week during Reader's Workshop, the students will set their goals and graph the genre of the books they are reading.

-During ELA enrichment, students will graph their sight words. I have been using Sight Word Stars from Reagan Tunstall and the kids LOVE it!

-At the end of a math unit, when I have graded and analyzed their math tests, I will return them to the nuggest and they will graph their test score with the date.

We started our Data Collection on Friday and the kids really enjoyed it. We talked about how it's our own personal file and that what is in the file is only for each individual student. We don't look at other's charts at the doctors so we don't look at each others data! Life lessons 101! =)

I am so excited to use this tool in my classroom. This is really going to help with student responsiblity, parent communication, student-led conferences, and student goal setting.

Superstar Data Collection is a 43 page unit jam packed with graphs, goal setting sheets, and weekly reflection page. This unit has everything you need to track data for students attendance, behavior, reading level, sight words, math facts, and MORE!

If you are interested in data collection check out my new unit in my TPT shop or my Teacher's Notebook shop! The first two people to comment on the blog will get this unit for free! Make sure you leave your e-mail!

Here is a data collection freebie to help get you started! Just click on the picture to grab it from Google Drive. If you download it I ask that you please follow my blog and TPT shop!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I have the Data Collection Superstar pack on my TPT wishlist now!

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  2. I'm so glad I saw this post! I've just started using data binders in my class, but have had little to no direction as to how to really make/use them. This is just the kind of resource I need!

    Thanks for sharing!
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  3. THANK YOU!!! By the way, I am your newest follower!!! Smiles and stop by anytime!