Saturday, March 16, 2013

Place Value Boot Camp

I love Amanda's Friday Flashback Linky! It's so much fun to get a glimpse into everyones wild weeks! It's also a great way to reflect on what we did and share what worked (and what didn't work goes into the vault!)

So I'm linky up this week to share about our Place Value Boot Camp!

I'm sure you have all heard of the wonderful Teacher Tipster. Well...his videos and I became bff during my week in bed with strep! This week we started Place Value. I knew I wanted my kids to really grasp this concept and after a week with a substitute I knew they would expect/need something big from me! SOO I used the Teacher Tipster's Place Value Boot Camp Idea and just ran with it! We recently became a 1:1 iPad classroom so I knew I wanted to incorporate that also. Here is what we did!

Miss Lane scared the you-know-what out of the kiddos by yelling, screaming and getting in their faces! ( confessed that I sounded like a man. In retrospect, probably not the best lesson to teach after having strep!!  The students wore their "ARMY VESTS" to really get into it! (It's amazing what you can do with a free bag from the grocery store). Next, the students learned the Teacher Tipster song. THEY LOOOOOVED IT!  A table then came to "BOOT CAMP" and were assigned as "talls" or "smalls. The students "at base" had to deteremine what number the soldiers represented.  Once the students got the hang of counting talls and smalls, they took a picture on their iPads. We used the app SKITCH.  Once they took the picture of the soldiers, the used the shape feature to draw base ten blocks around the soldiers and wrote the number they represented in skitch. Then, they saved their work to their camera roll. Finally, they imported the picture into ASK 3 and created a screen cast to explain their thinking. The students loved this lesson and BEGGED to do it the next day!

I created an iMovie to hang in our hallway (I attached it to a QR Code) so visitors can see with their iPads the hard work! Our principal even sent the kiddos a video congratulating them on their hard work in boot camp!

The next day was a great field trip to see "Seussical the Musical!" The students loved seeing their favorite characters come to life and sing their favorite Seuss books!

For boot camp on Thursday, another first grade class and I paired up to put them on the Place Value Scavenger Hunt! I found this aweseom freebie at T.G.I.F! Thanks so much!! The students loved being up and moving and were so engaged in the activity. They also loved having a soldier to partner with from the other class!

Here are some pictures of the students hard at work in Boot Camp!

Here is a freebie for you to make your own solider vests!!

Ok, I'm off to run in a 5K this morning...YIKES!! Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend!